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I’m Joanie, a Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, TV Contributor, Travel Enthusiast, Wife and Mom of Five.

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I come from a big Irish-Italian family where the kitchen was always the center of the home. When I was growing up, big Sunday dinners with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends were normal and everyone gathered in the kitchen to help.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with cooking and I found joy in creating meals for family and friends.

family-zagleft-2016The day after my oldest son went off to college I started working on ZagLeft.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t set out to create a website full of single serving recipes.  In fact, all I wanted was a place to share easy to make, healthy and delicious recipes for my son and his friends.  As a mom, I wanted my son to eat healthy and it killed me to know he was eating ramen every night.

Ramen isn’t actually all that bad; I kind of survived on it during my first year of college too…

I began by scaling down our favorite family recipes into single serving portions and my son (and his friends) enjoyed having hearty and delicious meals that they could make in their own kitchens.  Even before Instagram, they would send me pictures of the meals they made.  Those totally made my day!

Catfish With Fennel And Tomatoes For One

ZagLeft has served my three sons and one daughter well while in school and is still useful now that they are out of college and are living on their own.

What I learned most during those first few years was that I really love creating single serving recipes.  I love the challenge of taking a favorite recipe which would normally serve four or more people and tweaking the ingredients until it’s the perfect recipe for one. I know there are plenty of folks who live on their own and have no need for a recipe that serves four or more people.  This blog is for you.

This blog started out as a weekly meal plan site.  I would create a week of recipes and provide a grocery list to go along with the recipes. I stopped with the weekly meal plans so I could give my readers more of a choice in the recipes they wanted to make but you can still find a few of the meal plans here.

Now, in addition to my children, I have a wonderful following of readers who also enjoy cooking for just themselves and this blog is dedicated to them.

This elegant, rich and creamy Honey Lemon Custard requires only a few simple ingredients. It's an easy to make, egg-free, no-bake dessert also known as a posset.
Honey Lemon Custard For One

Traveling has always been a big part of my life.  I loved traveling with my family when my children were small and we’ve been fortunate to have been able to take plenty of trips together.  Now that our kids are growing up and moving out, my husband and I are enjoying a new kind of traveling.  It’s different – it’s fun and I share my travel stories here as well.  I enjoy working with travel boards, tourism departments and hotels all over the world.  I share my tips for travel in those articles.

I am completely blessed to be able to have a job that I love. Little did I know when I first embarked on this little adventure that this creative outlet would eventually grow into a full-time freelance writing and recipe developing career enabling me to work with many different companies and to also publish an e-cookbook.

ZagLeft has been featured on TODAY Food, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, Women’s Day and others.  You can find me on TwitterGoogle+FacebookPinterest and Instagram.  I’m an active TV contributor and do in-person demos as well.

If you are a company and would like to partner with ZagLeft on a specific project, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our “Work With Us” page for details. We also have a media kit which is available upon request.

I love hearing from my readers and if there is a favorite recipe you would like to see scaled down to a single serving portion, please email me at joanie@zagleft.com – I’d love to connect.

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