Two Ingredient Pancakes

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Two Ingredient Pancake Recipe from Zagleft

I came across a recipe recently that I’m dying to share with you.  You may have seen the Two Ingredient Pancake recipe that’s all over the internet right now.  Well, I just found it and knew it was something I had to try.  When I saw that there was no flour in the recipe, I became excited.  I’m a carb watcher and if I can still indulge in one of my favorite foods and not feel guilty, I’m on it!

Two Ingredient Pancakes from Zagleft - 3

Yes, these pancakes have only two ingredients in them…

eggs and bananas…can you believe?

I first came across this idea from the blog, Carrots ‘n’ Cake and bookmarked it as something I definitely needed to try.  Then, as if fate were calling, in my email mailbox over the weekend was a recipe from Recipe Girl for her version of Two Ingredient Pancakes.

I was skeptical at first, I have to admit.  But, I knew I had nothing to lose and gave it a try on Sunday morning.  Let me tell you…They were delicious!  After I made the first batch, I added a few chocolate chips to next batch.  The topping possibilities are completely endless, think fruit, peanut butter or even Nutella.  My family thought they were so good and didn’t need a thing so they enjoyed them very simply, with a little maple syrup.

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The basic recipe is simply eggs and mashed bananas.  I added 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder which gave the pancakes a fluffier texture.  Just click over to Carrots ‘n’ Cake for the secrets to a perfect two-ingredient pancake and Recipe Girl for her recipe and see how she got really creative with the toppings.


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  1. Oh, wow, what a nice idea! I am going to try these for sure :-). I’ve been making a lot banana “ice cream” lately, this would be a nice addition. Maybe they can even be served together 🙂

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