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Easter Basket Ideas For College Students from Zagleft  c

Easter is right around the corner and I’m in the process of putting together all the Easter baskets for my kids.  Making baskets for my younger children is easy but sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with items to add to my older kids’ baskets.  Two of my children won’t be coming home for Easter this year.  My oldest son recently graduated from college and has started his working career and won’t get time off, my other son will be visiting his good friend’s family down in Florida.  Even though we won’t be together, I still want to send them something to let them know we’re thinking of them and love them.  Here I’ve put together a few Easter basket ideas.

Easter Basket Ideas For College Students from Zagleft

First of all, I don’t like to use a traditional pastel Easter basket…ever.  These Easter baskets to me are so impractical and flimsy.  Instead, I use plastic containers with lids that my kids can use after Easter to store things in.  I always find very inexpensive containers at Target.

Easter Basket Ideas for College Students from Zagleft

Here are some ideas of items to include in your basket…

1.  A chocolate bunny.  To me, a chocolate bunny is necessary.  It’s kind of a tradition at our house.  If you’re shipping your baskets (as I am), be sure to choose a solid bunny instead of a hollow one.  They’re sturdier.

2.  Packages of pasta

3.  Can of spaghetti sauce

4.  Envelopes or cans of tuna

5.  Cookie mix

6.  Yogurt covered raisins

7. Springtime Oreos

8.  Tube of toothpaste

9.  Deodorant

10.  Dental floss

11.  A new kitchen sponge

12.  Gift cards to restaurants, Target, Wal-Mart or Itunes

13.  Fruit

14.  Small boxes of easy to prepare rice or macaroni and cheese

15.  Small boxes of cereal

…and of course, all the traditional Easter candies and jellybeans.

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When shipping your Easter baskets, be sure to wrap them in cellophane and tie them up with a pretty ribbon to hold everything together.

Even though our kids are older, I know they still look forward to and enjoy receiving special holiday packages in the mail.  The key is to look for items your kids will actually use rather than simply candy.  If you have college kids that you send Easter baskets to, I’d love to hear what you include.

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  1. My college kids this year will get nice gel pens, a nice metal mechanical pencil, gas cards, Chick-fil-a gift card, and regular Easter candy. Always a chocolate bunny and peeps too!

  2. Great ideas! Love the practicality… I need to remember this when my daughter is at college next yr!