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You won’t believe how easy it is to make these pretty Snowflake Ornaments made out of wonton wrappers! Grab a scissors and cut pretty designs in the wrappers, fry or bake, and dust with powdered sugar. Fun to make, delicious to eat or to decorate a tree or mantle.

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Three wonton wrappers cut into snowflakes covered in powdered sugar all on a red cloth napkin with scattered cranberries.

These pretty snowflake ornaments are fun to make and a wonderful holiday craft if you’re spending time with little ones. These ornaments are made out of wonton wrappers that are either fried or baked.

Snowflake Ornaments

Have you ever made snowflakes out of paper when you were a kid?

It’s was such a simple winter craft and fun to make too. All that was needed was a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

The snowflakes were made by folding a regular piece of paper in half a few times and using scissors, we cut triangles and other designs in the paper.

Finally, we would unfold the paper and see the pretty snowflake design we created?

These snowflake ornaments are inspired by those paper snowflakes and are made practically the same way.

Wonton wrappers cut into snowflakes placed on a wooden surface next to a pair of scissors.

How To Make Snowflake Wonton Ornaments

We use wonton wrappers which can be found in the refrigerated section of your grocery.

These little wrappers aren’t as big as paper and won’t fold as many times as a sheet of paper will, but it’s the same idea.

You can find the recipe and full instructions HERE.

You can either bake the wonton ornaments or fry them. Either way, you’ll end up with lovely decorations.

Step 1

Fold the wonton wrappers in half, fold them again and then begin cutting out little triangles or designs.

Showing how to fold and cut wonton wrappers into snowflakes with scissors.

Step 2

After cutting out pretty snowflake designs and unfolding the wonton ornament, fry them in hot oil or bake them in the oven.

A hand presenting a snowflake wonton above a stack of wonton wrappers.

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If you’re frying the wonton ornaments, fry them for just a few seconds per side. Then top with powdered sugar.

Fried Wonton Ornaments dusted with Powdered Sugar on a baking sheet.

If you’re baking the wonton ornaments, sprinkle the tops with colored sugar before baking.

Wonton wrappers cut into snowflakes covered with colored crystal sprinkles on a baking sheet.

These Christmas snowflake ornaments can also be made into little icicles or other festive designs.

The beauty in these ornaments is that you can create the designs you want. You can let your creativity run wild!

Snowflake wontons covered with colored crystal sprinkles tied with ribbons placed in a circle all on a metal tray with lemon wheels and cranberries in the center.

Enjoy these snowflake ornaments as a tasty treat or to decorate a tree.

Snowflake wontons dusted with powdered sugar and tied with ribbons placed on a metal tray with red and white cloth napkins and scattered cranberries.

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You can find the recipes and full instructions HERE.


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