Mother/Daughter Time and A Recipe For Pineapple Mango Milkshake

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Healthy and delicious Pineapple Mango Milkshake…

I didn’t start out this week intending to repaint and redo my daughter’s bedroom.  I actually liked the paint color on the walls.  A few years back we painted the walls bright turquoise with big neon green stripes in the corners.  A bit bold, but perfect for a 3rd grader.  My daughter is moving on to middle school this year so I guess it’s time for a more “mature” color scheme.

C. has been asking for a room re-do for weeks but our summer’s been extremely busy and and in reality, I thought that maybe once school started I could tackle the painting on my own, quickly and without interruption.  You know the feeling of simply wanting to do it right, do it once and just get it done. In addition, since the summer began we’ve had one challenge to get through after another.  First off, our beloved family dog died unexpectantly right after we returned home from our vacation.  Next, my son was in a horrific automobile accident where his car was completely totalled but thankfully, he was alright.  And finally, we’ve just had family company go back home after a visit.   A busy summer so far, for sure.

Healthy and delicious Pineapple Mango Milkshake...ZagLeft

But, I encouraged my daughter to choose a color from the Sherwin Williams paint guide online, thinking this might take a little longer than it actually did.  Apparently, she’s been thinking about this for a long time. Before we knew it, we were visiting our local Sherwin Williams store, choosing paint samples and purchasing paint.  So, this week, we began her bedroom re-do together.

I’m so glad we didn’t wait until school started to begin this process.  The time spent this week, working together has been invaluable to me.  Working side by side, C. and I have been able to talk about so many things that have been on her mind.  We’ve talked about Beaux, our Lab who died and how much we miss him, we talked about her brother’s accident and all the fears she had surrounding it, we talked about her apprehensions about middle school.  It very simply comes down to this, I slowed down enough to just be there for my daughter.  You can’t plan discussions like the ones we’ve had.  They just hapen when the time is right and often in our busy lives these times never come.  What missed opportunities we have when we don’t slow down our lives.  What a lesson for me!

We’ll finish painting today and then on to choosing a new light to replace her ceiling fan, then new curtains and bedding.  The “fun part” is shopping, she says. I nod and say “Yes”, but in my heart, I know that the real “fun part” is the time we’ve just spent together talking and sharing.

Healthy and delicious Pineapple Mango Milkshake...

PINEAPPLE MANGO MILKSHAKE (After our busy day, we continued our “talks” outside with these delicious drinks!)


1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks

1/2 cup frozen mango chunks

1 cup pineapple sherbert

1/2 cup lowfat plain greek yogurt

2 tablespoons honey


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Healthy and delicious Pineapple Mango Milkshake...ZagLeft





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