Selfridges Christmas Window Displays in London

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The popular Masterpiece Theatre show, Mr. Selfridge is one of my favorite television shows and when my husband and I traveled to London last week and stumbled upon the famous Selfridge department store, my heart nearly skipped a beat.  Selfridge and Company, otherwise known as Selfridges, is an absolutely beautiful store complete with a champagne bar, several restaurants and the largest shoe department in the world!  


Selfridges in London : ZagLeft


In November and December, however, Selfridges is never prettier.  Selfridges Christmas window displays are truly spectacular and each one unique.


Selfridges Christmas Window Display London ZagLeft a


Have a look for yourself…


Selfridges window 1 : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 2 : ZagLeft





Selfridges window 3 : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 4 : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 5 : ZagLeft



Notice all the little penguins scattered throughout each window display…

Selfridges window 5a : ZagLeft



Selfridges window display 5b : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 6 : ZagLeft


My favorite is the orange purse (hint to EJ)…

Selfridges window 6a : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 7 : ZagLeft





Selfridges window 8 : ZagLeft



Selfridges window 9 : ZagLeft





Selfridges Christmas window Boxers ZagLeft



Selfridges window holiday boxers ZagLeft



Selfridges Christmas window display shoe ZagLeft


The corner window featured a beautiful display of London landmarks all made of gingerbread and sugar.

Selfridges Christmas WIndow display gingerbread zagleft



Selfridges christmas window display gingerbread london landmarks zagleft



Selfridges Christmas Window Display ZagLeft



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