Relaxing Afternoon In EPCOT-Sipping and Snacking

Joanie and I are in Disney World to bring our daughter to start her Disney College Program. She felt under the weather today so she stayed in the room while Joanie and I visited for a relaxing afternoon in EPCOT. Starting off at the Boardwalk Resort we walked over to the French Pavilion which is a favorite of ours with the great food and wine selection. We picked up a Turkey and Brie baguette at the Boulangerie Patisserie shop and then walked across the alley to La Maison du Vin and picked up two glasses of Sauvion Vouvray 2010 wine (great white wine from the Loire Valley in France).



Since people watching is a great past time of ours, we found a table near the lagoon and enjoyed our light lunch. Next to our table was a kiosk along the walkway selling wines and Grand Marnier Orange Slush. I highly recommend them on a warm spring or summer day.

Next we walked down to the Italy and saw the new wine cellar, Tutto Gusto.  Just think of it as a Italian version of the excellent Tequilla bar in the Mexico Pavilion La Cava del Tequilla.  Their wine selection is enormous and flavorful food options makes it is a great place to duck in, cool off and get away from the crowds.

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  1. Love the French Pavilion at Epcot! The Grand Marnier Slushy is a favourite of mine. Hope your daughter enjoys the College Program 🙂

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