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A Photo Essay - Nottingham, England pictures from ZagLeft

I had such grand plans when I learned I would have a day to sightsee in beautiful Nottingham, England.  I searched online, looked through my travel books and even wrote to the Nottingham Tourism Centre to ask them to direct me to a few places that a visitor to the city should be sure to see.  I knew I needed a plan since my stay would be so short.

EJ and I thought we would have the afternoon that we arrived in the city and the entire next day to explore.  Due to our flight and train delays and because EJ’s meeting was shorter than we expected, we really only had about a day.  Not nearly enough time.

Nottingham is a beautiful city.  It’s only about a 2 hour train ride from London through the lovely English countryside.  Honestly, had EJ not had a meeting to attend in the city, I don’t believe I would have thought to visit Nottingham as a travel destination.  My views on that have changed since our visit.  There are many things to see and do in the area.  Our pictures will hopefully give you a glimpse of what we discovered.

Nottingham is a city built on caves.  Beneath the city there are nearly 500 man-made caves cut into the natural sandstone.  Some date back to the medieval period and possibly even earlier.  It’s interesting to note that there are more man-made caves in Nottingham than anywhere else in Britain.

One of the pubs/inns we visited,  Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, is in fact carved into rock and connected to caves at the foot of Nottingham Castle.  It’s also the oldest inn in England.  It was such a fun place to visit and so full of history.  As we sat and enjoyed our drinks and “sticky sausages”, I couldn’t help but imagine all the people before us that sat and dined in the very place we were sitting.

Nottingham, England photo via ZagLeft

A Photo Essay Nottingham Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem via ZagLeft

Photo Essay Nottingham England Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem via zagleft

Nottingham, England city centre from zagleft
City Centre


Nottingham, England - a photo essay via zagleft

Photo Essay Nottingham England Side view Nottingham Castle from Zagleft
Side view of Nottingham Castle


Nottingham Castle Photo Essay via ZagLeft
Nottingham Castle


Nottingham Castle Nottingham England photos via ZagLeft
Nottingham Castle


Photo Essay Nottingham England via ZagLeft

Nottingham, England photos via ZagLeft

Nottingham, England - ZagLeft


On our one night in Nottingham, we had dinner at Kayal Restaurant which served wonderful South Indian cuisine.  It was one of the best Indian meals we have ever had and I highly recommend going.

Photo Essay- Nottingham, England Kayal Masala Dosa via zagleft
Masala Dosa – a rice & lentil pancake witha filling of seasoned potatoes, onions & peas.
Nottingham England - Tilapia Pollichathu via ZagLeft
Tilapia Pollichathu – Tilapia covered with spice paste, wrapped with a banana leaf and steam cooked.


As I mentioned, our stay in Nottingham was too short but it was enough time to make us realize we have to visit again.  There truly is quite a bit to see and do.  If you’re planning a trip to Nottingham, make sure you visit the places mentioned above and you might also want to check out the following places suggested to me by the Nottingham Tourism Centre.

FREE admission

Nottingham Contemporary is one of the largest contemporary art centres in the UK. The gallery runs a range of special events and children’s workshops, and entry is free.

The latest exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary offers a new take on Latino culture. One show presents the work of a Latino art collective based in East LA in the 1970s and another featuring a colony of colourful moving sculptures. presents the work of a Latino art collective based in East LA in the 1970s.

Nottingham, a city of caves

Nottingham is built upon a bed of soft sandstone and has over 400 man-made caves beneath its streets. Visitors can experience these caves by attending an underground cave tour.

City of Caves tour

Visit the City of Caves attraction, which offers access to caves dating back to medieval times and how they were used as everything from tanneries to bomb shelters to homes. Audio and performance tours are on offer, depending on your preference.

Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 5pm (last admission is 4pm, and excludes school and bank holidays).

Performance tours:

Saturday: 10am – 5pm (first tour is 10:30am and last tour is 4pm)

Sunday: 10:30am – 5pm (first tour is 10:30am and last tour is 4pm)

Performance tours are also available everyday throughout the school holidays.


Adults: £7.50

Children and concessions: £5.50

Family ticket: £19.50 (2 adults and 2 concessions OR 1 adult and 3 concessions)

Nottingham Castle cave tours

Also, discover the many secret passageways and medieval caves on a tour below into Nottingham Castle’s caves. The tour is strenuous with LOTS of steep steps. However, for those who wish to descend through hundreds of years the tour is a must.

Robin Hood Town Tour

If you want to find out about Nottinghamshire’s most notorious outlaw Robin Hood then look no further than the Robin Hood Town Tour. The walk starts at the Cross Keys pub on Byard Lane and is led by the legendary Ezekial Bone who brings Robin Hood to life with his gripping tales of the city. You will be able to find out why Nottingham Castle is not really a castle and see why Nottingham is known as the City of Caves. This one is not to be missed.

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