How To Grill Salmon On A Cedar Plank

Salmon is one of my family’s favorite foods to cook on the grill and it’s one that I leave completely up to my husband to do.  He enjoys grilling and since we mostly grill on the weekends, I’m happy to turn that job over to him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily throw a couple of chicken breasts or burgers on the grill but EJ is in charge of the salmon and the way he prefers to cook it is grilled on a cedar plank.

A couple of years ago, he started using a cedar plank to cook salmon on and it’s the only way he’ll cook it now.  The smokey flavor of the plank gives the salmon a wonderful, woodsy flavor.  The salmon is tender, incredibly moist and there’s no need to flip it on the grill.  You can purchase cedar planks at most grocery stores.  Before you put the plank on the grill you’ll need to soak it by submerging it in water for at least 30 minutes.  This keeps the cedar plank from burning over the hot grill and the moisture steams the fish with the cedar flavor.

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The “recipe” is very simple…season the salmon fillet with your choice of spices and lemon slices.  EJ varies the spices from fish to fish depending on what inspires him.  The last filet included rosemary, tarragon and lemon slices.  He uses salt or olive oil or sometimes nothing at all.  He doesn’t want to distract too much from the wonderful salmon flavor.

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Set your grill to medium high heat and let it warm up.  EJ usually places the cedar planks on the grill and then puts the fillet on the cedar plank with the skin side facing down.  He closes the grill and waits for 20 minutes.  That’s it.  He takes the fillet off the planks when done.  The skin sticks to the wood plank so he runs a spatula along the bottom of the filet and then takes it off the plank.

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When we can find wild caught sockeye salmon at the grocery store, there is no question in our minds that we are having salmon for dinner that night.

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