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There’s magic in the air at the Zisk household…

We’re counting down the days until my my oldest daughter, Elizabeth heads down to sunny Orlando, Florida to take part in the Disney College Program.  I know it sounds terrible that we’re actually counting down the days until she goes off , but we’re just so excited about this wonderful opportunity for her.

She’ll be leaving in three short weeks, so the preparations have begun around here.

The Disney College program is an incredible program that allows students (participants) to network with business leaders and take part in educational and personal development classes many of which may be transferable to their Universities.  This program helps them learn and  build skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and guest relations.

The kids have the opportunity to live with fellow students from all over the world in Disney’s own apartment complex strictly for students participating in the program.

Our oldest son, Michael went through the Disney College Program as well.  He did the Fall Advantage Program which runs generally from May through the beginning of January. It was a tremendous opportunity and has opened so many doors for him.  Because of  this program, Michael has traveled throughout Europe visiting friends he met through the program.  He also has an internship at the Cannes Film Festival next month.  The confidence and the connections he’s made have been invaluable.

If you know of someone interested in the Disney College Program, I would recommend they check out the Disney College Program website for complete details.

In a nutshell, interested students should fill out an application and meet certain requirements and according the Disney website they must:

1.  Be Enrolled as a Full Time or Part-Time Student and Taking Classes

2.  Meet Any School Requirements for Participation

3.  Be at Least 18 Years of Age by the Time the Program Begins

4.  Possess Unrestricted Work Authorization

There is an interview process that they must go through.  First, there’s web-based interview and from there they can possibly advance to the phone interview.

I’ve received so many questions from parents about this opportunity for their own family members so I’ll be posting a detailed trip report while we’re in Disneyworld.

In the meantime, as they say in Disneyworld…”Have a Magical Day…”


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3 thoughts on “Disney College Program”

  1. I am planning to apply for the Disney Collegr Program. I couldn’t find these answers on their site. Do you have to keep attending classes (online) while interning or do you put college on hold for 12 weeks? Also do you pay for your own trip to the park or do they pay for travel? Thanks!

  2. I got accepted into the program and arrive in September and am so excited and scared at the same time. It has been great reading your articles as though the website provides a lot of details, there are many that have been left out. I’m going to be going by myself and wonder how much did you being there help your kids?

    1. Congratulations on being accepted!! Both my son and daughter were excited and scared as well up to the day of check in. For both of them it took a couple of weeks to meet friends, build relationships with roommates and get to know co-workers. It also took a few weeks to get into the routine of the job and getting back an forth on the college program buses. My daughter started her first program a month a go and is now having a great time. I do not think it is necessary for your parents to come with you. Most College Program participants go on their own. We just looked at it as an excuse to go to Disney World. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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