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Disney College Program

A series of articles on the Disney College Program based on personal experience of my son and daughter who participated in both the program at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.   In addition to the content each article includes a significant amount of questions and answers in the comments sections.

Disney Face Character and Performer Auditions - What to expect ZagLeft

Disney Face Character And Parade Performer Auditions – What To Expect

What young girl doesn't dream of being a princess? As many young girls grow up watching Disney movies, becoming a Disney princess can seem like an elusive dream. Not so for some. Becoming a Disney princess or parade performer is often just an audition away. Here's what to expect at a Disney Face Character and Parade Performer Audition.
Walt Disney World Disney College Program ZagLeft

The Disney College Program – A Few Additional Tips For Parents

I think the Disney College Program is a great opportunity for college students. I've seen how the time my son spent in the program has helped shape his character and guide him further on his career path
The Disney College Program from Zagleft

The Disney College Program Packing and Arrival Tips

Do you have questions about the Disney College Program? Here are our tips on what to pack and what to expect when you arrive in Disneyworld.
Disney College Program | ZagLeft

Disney College Program

The Disney College program is a college Internship with the Walt Disney Company which provides invaluable opportunities to students.

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