Silver Range Malbec 2011 – exceptional $10 red wine

During my weekly visit to Spec’s wine and spirits store,  I was focused on picking up some weekday red wines that were under $15.  As mentioned in earlier posts, I like to browse the Chile and Argentina wine sections for some of our favorites as well as try a wine that may be recommended by Spec’s or comes from other good wine regions.  A few weeks ago, I came across the 2011 Silver Range Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina.  The wine was priced at less than $10 and we have had very good luck with red wines from the Mendoza region so it was worth a shot.

The 2009 Pedernales Tempranillo is a very balanced smooth wine with flavors of berries, plums, and vanilla.  The medium bodied red wine is a great compliment to light meals such as chicken, cured meat, and pasta dishes. \ ZagLeft
2001 Silver Range Malbec from Medoza, Argentina

The 2011 Silver Range Malbec is one of best red wines I have enjoyed for $10.  It is a full bodied red wine with a very smooth finish.  The broad flavor profile includes blackberry and cherry flavors with a slight hint of vanilla.  The 2011 Silver Range Malbec would compliment heavy red meat dishes (BBQ or roasts) but is also subtle enough to go with saucy chicken dishes.  It can even be enjoyed by itself (the testament to a very good wine).  When I went back to Spec’s to pick up a couple more bottles, the location was sold out and they said the wine was going fast.  I ended up buying a case of it when it was back in stock and has become one our favorite wines.


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