Pedernales Cellars Tempranillo 2009 – another Texas wine with Spanish roots

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October is Texas Wine Month and Joanie and I decided to take a pilgrimage to Spec’s in search of a good Texas wine.  Spec’s is known for their huge selection of Texas wines so we knew we’d find something we liked.  I did a little research on the top Texas wines and saw the post from Vintage Texas Blog on 2011 top ten Texas wines.  One of the wines listed was the Pedernales Cellars 2009 Reserve Tempranillo.  We have had great success lately with Texas wines with Italian varietal grapes due to the similar warm climate between Texas and Italy.  Tempranillo is a Spanish varietal grape that has found a home as well in Texas.

We found a bottle of the 2009 Pedernales Cellars Tempranillo at Spec’s and enjoyed it with an Antipasti platter.  The 2009 Pedernales Tempranillo is a very balanced smooth wine with flavors of berries, plums, and vanilla.  The medium bodied red wine is a great compliment to light meals such as chicken, cured meat, and pasta dishes.   This is one of the best Texas wines we have enjoyed so far while we continue our exploration of wines from our home state.