The Disney’s Social Media Moms Disney-On-The-Road Event in Houston

The Disney's Social Media Moms Disney-On-The-Road Event in Houston \ ZagLeft

Yesterday morning was a magical morning in Houston, Texas.  Disney spread a little pixie dust over the city in the form of a wonderful event called the Disney’s Social Media Moms – Disney on the Road Conference.  It took place at the beautiful Westin Oaks Hotel in the Galleria and featured several wonderful speakers and a panel of successful women entrepreneurs to answer questions and share advice.

Disney’s “On-the-Road” Celebration is making it’s way to Houston, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina this year.  The Disney Social Media Moms event held at Walt Disney World each year is a much sought-after ticket.  Disney decided to bring it’s “show on the road” to various cities across the country to make this conference accessible to more women.

The Disney's Social Media Moms Disney-On-The-Road Event in Houston \ ZagLeft

The emcee of this event was Maria Bailey, CEO BSM Media and Host of Mom Talk Radio who stressed the importance of women empowering and influencing other women through their stories of entrepreneurship and success.

The line-up of speakers for the Houston event included,

*  Shannon Miller, Wife, Mother, Olympic Gold Medalist, Health and Fitness Advocate and Cancer Survivor.  Shannon spoke of her life as a young Olympian, her courageous battle with ovarian cancer and starting her own business and a foundation to fight Childhood Obesity.  She stressed the need for social media in our lives today and how through social media we find our own growing communities.  Moms are huge influencers and social media magnifies the power of moms.  She also stressed the importance of carving out time for ourselves which in turn makes us better moms and better businesswomen.

*  Laura Spencer, Social Media Manager, Disney Destinations, Global Public Relations.  Laura owned her own business and always had a passion for Disney.  Laura and her family moved from Massachusetts to Florida for, as she says,” the best job in the world!”.  She talks of how giving birth to her daughter, Ariel awakened in her a strength she didn’t know she had.  She stressed the importance of women empowering other women by telling the crowd that we “just don’t support each other enough” and encouraging all of us to make ourselves accessable to each other.

*  Dayna Steele, Entrepreneur and Author.  Dayna began by telling us that we are all “Rock Stars”.  Whatever it is you think you can do – you can!  After all, what is a rock star?

**  A rock star is a person at the top of his or her profession.

**  They do what they love.

**  They do it on their own terms.

**  They have a ball!

In all, it was an exciting morning and one I feel so fortunate to have been a part of.  Leave it to Disney Parks to provide such a magical opportunity to so many women!  Thank you Disney for this opportunity!  It was an invaluable morning that I won’t soon forget.

You can follow #DisneySMMoms and #Disneyontheroad on twitter for updates from the conferences.



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